KEMPTVILLE, ONT. -- North Grenville's celebrity wild turkey is still on the run, with social media lighting up any time it’s spotted in town, and police directing traffic around the bird.

"It's unbelievable. People love wildlife," said Jill Sturdy, communications coordinator for the town.

So far, it has eluded provincial wildlife officers, but many people in town are chronicling the bird's every move.

Someone has also set up a "Van Turken" Facebook page, named for the road where the bird was first spotted.

Sturdy and her colleagues have been turkey-spotting for several days now, as the bird roams near municipal offices.

Last week that backfired, as the turkey didn't take kindly to being photographed during a snow storm.

The bird can be seen running towards a municipal worker who was trying to take the turkey’s picture.  Sturdy rolled video from the safety of the office. That video now has 60,000 views on Facebook.  

"People just love this turkey," says Sturdy.  "She's roaming around a lot, I don't know if she's used to all this attention."

Sturdy and others are worried about the turkey's safety. It tends to wander right on to County Road 43, a major thoroughfare through North Grenville and Kemptville.

The municipality has even posted a picture of the turkey for one of its main Facebook pages, because of the intense public interest.

"People want this to be the town mascot," said Sturdy.