Emotions were running high today outside the Ottawa courthouse, after the man accused of killing Connor Stevenson appeared on the murder charge.  Friends of 18-year-old Stevenson lashed out at the media as they left the court; angry over suggestions that drugs may have played a role in the murder. It was a brief court appearance by 19-year-old David Dubois but long enough to fuel some strong emotions from the friends and family of the man he is accused of killing. 

Friends of the murder victim shouted and shoved as they left the courthouse, huddling around Stevenson's mother, Laurie Beaudoin, at one point, pushing a CTV cameraman and yanking him backwards.  Police at the courthouse quickly intervened.

Before court, Beaudoin had spoken with reporters, angrily denying reports that her son had been involved in drugs.

‘That couldn't be further from the truth,’ said a tearful Beaudoin, ‘Teens smoke pot, we all know that. I don't know what happened in that elevator but it had nothing to do with that.’

Connor Stevenson was stabbed to death April 14th in the stairwell of his Jasmine Crescent apartment where he lived with his mother.  The young rugby and football player was buried yesterday, the same day police were scouring the bushes near Jasmine looking for evidence.

Later that same day, David Dubois was arrested and charged with second degree murder.

‘He does not have criminal record, you're right, said Ewan Lyttle, Dubois’ lawyer, ‘He seems a bit shaken by the process, understandably so.’

Dubois was ordered not to communicate with a list of 52 people, among them Laurie Beaudoin.  An emotional Beaudoin said it was her birthday today. She came to court hoping her gift would be justice.

‘Whoever killed my son, killed him for no reason, for no reason,’ she said as she hugged a friend.

Police last week released photos of a man and a woman in Stevenson's building at the time of the murder. They have now identified both of them but won't say whether the man in one of the photos is in fact Dubois.