An Ontario politician is hoping his bill will put an end to restaurant management skimming part of their servers’ tips.

NDP MPP Michael Prue was in Ottawa Friday, pitching his bill to keep tips in the hands of the people who worked for them.

He said some restaurants have management adding 15 per cent to customers’ bills for service and then taking all or part of that fee.

“People who are servers make $8.90 an hour, they make two bucks less than minimum wage because they're supposed to augment their wage with tips. . . and they don't get it,” said the NDP’s finance critic.

“So, they're working at below minimum wage."

Mike Vorovej said he’s worked at places where he never saw a penny’s worth of tips because of the scam.

“You’ve got to work, You have no choice,” he said.

“You need the money so the boss makes the rules and if you don't like the rules, go somewhere else because you're not in a position to fight it."

Antonny Garcia said he’s an extreme example of what can happen if you that question is raised with management.

“When I went on vacation, came back, I found the record of employment in my mailbox,” he said.

“I went back there and they said there's no job here. There's no work for you. So I got fired just for inquiring about the gratuity."

Prue’s bill is just one line long, saying that no owner or manager may take any portion of an employee’s tips or gratuities.

He said it has a chance at becoming law, since it has the backing of Premier Dalton McGuinty.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Norman Fetterley