Unloading the final items from his car; including his lucky white drawing board, Matthew Luloff walked into his new office at City Hall today ready to begin his term as councillor.

The corner office, of Orléans councillor, was previously Bob Monette's; who after more than 20 years in public service is retiring. Luloff beat out 16 other candidates on election night in October.

Today he's reflecting on the moments and people who helped him get to this point. "My goal has always been to serve, so having these sorts of reminders from my past careers is going to be pretty important. And it also reminds me you can persevere through anything." said Luloff.

Placed beside his degree from Carleton; where he studied Public Affairs and Policy Management, are pictures from his years serving in Afghanistan. Luloff battled PTSD - he says he's a survivor and it's in his DNA. Luloff's grandfather was his hero who taught allied pilots to fly bomber planes during the Second World War.

"He'd be pretty damn proud of me. He always wanted me to get an education and always wanted me to pursue a public life and try to do something good for the community." 

A dream realized, Luloff will be one of 7 new councillors sworn in Monday evening - they include Laura Dudas, Jenna Sudds, Glen Gower, Theresa Kavanagh, Shawn Menard, and Carol Anne Meehan. 

Present at yesterday's Franco-Ontarian rally just footsteps from the human rights monument, Luloff says in his four years in office his goal will be to bring everyone together. 

"The wonderful thing about city council, and the main difference between city council and the other legislatures, like at the provincial level and the federal level, there are no political parties here.  We can all work hard for our constiuents and we can work together to do great things for the city of Ottawa."