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Motorists could have to pay for on-street parking in Wellington West and Westboro


The meter is set to run out on free on-street parking in Westboro and Wellington Street West.

A report for the transportation committee recommends councillors approve the introduction of paid on-street parking next spring on sections of Richmond Road, Wellington Street West, Somerset Street West, Danforth Avenue, Churchill Avenue and Holland Avenue.

If approved, the parking rate will be $3 an hour.

On-street parking has been free on the popular streets in Westboro and Wellington Street for years.  There is a 90-minute maximum parking time limit from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week along the business corridor of Richmond Road and Wellington Street West.

A 2017 report concluded paid parking should be implemented along the business corridors, but staff did not recommend it due to a lack of support from Business Improvement Areas and Community Associations.

A report for the June 27 transportation committee says a study of the parking areas in Kitchissippi ward in 2023 and early 2024 found several areas with parking spot capacity at or above 85 per cent, reducing the amount of available parking.

"A lack of available parking can be detrimental for businesses and also have negative impacts for the community due to increases in traffic caused by people having to search for parking," staff say.

To address the parking shortage, staff are recommending the implementation of paid parking on the following main street corridors and streets with "prominent commercial and non-residential zones," starting in the second quarter of 2025: 

  • Richmond Road from Broadview Avenue to Island Park Drive
  • Wellington Street West from Island Park Drive to Garland Street
  • Somerset Street West from Garland Street to Breezehill Avenue North
  • Danforth Avenue from Roosevelt Avenue to Churchill Avenue
  • Churchill Avenue from Scott Street to Byron Avenue
  • Holland Avenue from Spencer Street to Wellington Street West
  • Side streets immediately adjacent to the above-mentioned streets to the extent there is continuity of commercial property (to be assessed on a street-by-street basis, but typically the equivalent of one to three parking spaces)

The time limit for all spaces with on-street paid parking will be increased to two hours, except for Danforth Avenue that will remain at three hours.

Staff say the rules for the paid parking is still to be determined, including the days and hours when motorists will have to pay.

The report says staff will work with BIAs to adjust Loading Zones (timing/location) to better optimize the curb space along and in proximity to the commercial main street. The city will also be adjusting the parking rules on Wellington Street West between Western Avenue and Carleton Avenue to permit peak parking between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Bylaw Officers issued 610 tickets for parking in excess of time limits in Westboro and Wellington West in 2022, and more than 1,500 tickets for "inappropriate zone/time" parking violations.

The City of Ottawa is also increasing parking rates in seven zones across the city this August, including up to $4.50 an hour on a street near the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus. Top Stories

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