OTTAWA -- Four motorists are facing stunt driving charges after being stopped for speeding on Bronson Avenue, including one motorist facing a stunt driving charge for the second time in 10 months.

On Monday, Ottawa police say a motorist was stopped going 123 kilometres an hour on Bronson in a 60 kilometre an hour zone.

On Twitter, the Ottawa Police Service Traffic Unit said the same driver was charged for going 165 km/h in a 100 km/h zone on Highway 174 last July.

Meantime, three motorists were stopped for speeding on Bronson Avenue near Carleton University on Tuesday.

Police say one motorist was going 136 kilometres an hour in a 70 kilometre zone along Bronson Avenue. Two motorists were stopped in the 60 km/h zone on Bronson Avenue near Brewer Park going 113 km/h and 111 km/h.

The stunt driving charge includes a seven day licence suspension and the vehicle is impounded for a week.

Ottawa police launched Project Noisemaker over the weekend, aimed at reducing speeding, stunt driving and excessive noise on Ottawa roads.

Officers issued 84 charges on Merivale Road and Heron Road, including 62 for speeding.