Little Nayla Barton was in such a hurry to get into the world she didn't give her parents the chance to make it to the hospital.

She was born just before 2:30 Thursday morning on the back seat of her parents' Pontiac Vibe.

Pamela Barton, 34, said she thought she had more time after going into labor.

"Everybody prepares you for 20 hours or something – average – you have lots of time when it starts," she said.

Alan Barton was clocking the contractions with an app on his iPod. The contractions went from six minutes to one minute, and in no time their baby girl was making her appearance.

"The dula (or midwife) said ‘I see the crown of the baby's head. Alan call 9-1-1. Pull over.'"

Paramedics and police were on the way but Nayla wasn't waiting.

Her parents received instructions on the phone; and when paramedics arrived, police were wrapping her up in a blanket.

Paramedics say this isn't unusual. In the past year there have been 33 cases where paramedics assisted with delivering babies outside of the hospital.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Joanne Schnurr