OTTAWA -- Green thumbs are being urged to take steps to protect their plants from the frost in the forecast on Mother’s Day.

Nicholas Laporte from J.A. Laporte Flowers and Nursery says the morning frost can cause damage to the frost-sensitive plants and trees.

If you received some beautiful flowers and baskets for Mother’s Day, Laporte recommends bringing the flowers inside during this stretch of cold weather in Ottawa.

“Brought into a garage that is either heated or insulated overnight,” Laporte told CTV News at Five on Friday.

“What hurts the plants right now in this kind of cold weather is the morning frost. So it’s that dew that sets on the leaves that burns them. It’s not necessarily the cold. Absolutely, inside in the garage or inside the home.”

Environment Canada issued a Frost Advisory Sunday morning for Ottawa and eastern Ontario. May 11 marks the beginning of the 2020 Frost Advisory season for Ottawa and eastern Ontario.

“Near freezing temperatures overnight are expected to persist for much of the week as a cold air mass has settled into the area,” Environment Canada said in a statement.

The weather agency recommends people take steps to protect frost-sensitive plants and trees from the cold temperatures.

Laporte says there are a couple of types of plants that can be planted into the ground right now.

“All the lettuces can be planted, they are cold crops. Lettuce, kales, onions can be planted right now. Pansies of course,” Laporte said.

“Anything else, it’s a bit too early. Long weekend of May preferable for the rest of the annuals and the rest of the veggies there.”