Hydro Quebec says 17,000 clients are still without power today following Friday’s snowstorm.

The only areas still left in the dark are the Laurentians and the Outaouais near Ottawa.

CTV’s Stefan Keyes spent Monday talking to residents of Blue Sea, Que., about 90 minutes outside of Ottawa.

“You have no stove fire, no water, no toilet,” said Yves Paquette.

Paquette is a worker with the Municipality of Blue Sea. He says dealing with the power outages hasn’t been easy, but that most are equipped with generators and wood stoves.

The municipality is using a community centre as an emergency shelter. It’s what many residents had to turn to for heat, food, and company.

Café Le Rassem’Bleuis along the main strip and two doors down from the community centre.

Inside, owner Claudine La Haie cooks food for her family. Though she is closed today, it is where she has to come until power is restored at home.


“We have hope,” she said. “We know they (hydro crews) are working extremely hard.”

A spokesperson with Hydro Quebec tells CTV; those in the most remote areas won’t have it back before Christmas Day.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Stefan Keyes