The Good Companions Seniors' Centre says there has been an increase in calls in the past 48 hours from seniors in need of meals.

The centre is a non-for-profit organization that provides services to seniors, like delivering meals and groceries.

Monique Doolittle Romas, Executive Director at The Good Companions, says, “We have been providing food hampers throughout the pandemic, currently we are delivering about 15 to 20 hampers (per week) to seniors to make sure they have the food that they require. Over the past 24 hours, we have received seven additional requests for assistance for food.

“I have a feeling for this week and not sure for how much longer, we will continue to get requests,” she says.

Doolittle Romas says the hampers are free of charge and are delivered directly to the seniors.

She says the convoy has caused anxiety amongst some seniors living downtown. “I think they are nervous. It has been loud, lots going on, and they are worried about going to the grocery store.

“Some seniors are unable to get out, they are unable to get to the grocery store, so we want to help them, we want to make sure that we can bring food to them, because that is our primary responsibility to look after our seniors. The Good Companions is located in the heart of Centretown and we want to look after our neighbours,” says Doolittle Romas.

The centre is also planning on delivery groceries to more than thirty seniors this week, including the emergency food hampers.

“My teams say whatever it takes we are going to make this happen. Everyone is working above and beyond to support seniors,” says Doolittle Romas. “I want to reassure seniors that we are there for them, we will find a way to get that food out to them.”

Other community organizations across the city have offered to help. “Other seniors centres other community support agencies have reached out to say, ‘if there is anything that you need, if you need us to reassign staff or want some of our driers or vehicles- count us in!’ everyone is coming together, and I am very grateful.”

Doolittle Romas says if anyone in Ottawa knows of a senior who might need assistance, the centre is there to help.

For more information on the Good Companions Senior Centre, click here.