It was a dramatic delivery of a healthy little girl.

Baby Tsarina weighed in at 8 lbs 7oz at 7:52 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Her parents, Lola and Mike Meakin, were on the way to the Queensway Carleton Hospital but the birth couldn’t wait.

Dad pulled over at Greenbank Road near West Hunt Club in southwest Ottawa where Mom gave birth in the front seat of their SUV.

“A lot faster than expected. Less painful,” said Mom.

Dad, an engineer, delivered Tsarina with the help of paramedic over the phone.

“I had my phone on speakerphone on the dash as we were delivering,” said Dad. “Poor 911. They got an earful from me and my wife screaming in the back. No time for anything but doing what had to be done.”

“I'm proud of him more than I'm proud of me," said Mom.