Funhaven says Ottawa Police are investigating an incident at the Baxter Road facility over the Labour Day long weekend.

Kirsten McDonnell posted an open letter on Facebook Sunday, warning of what she thinks was the attempted kidnapping of her youngest son.

McDonnell writes her son was “standing about 7 feet in front of me and the woman did not see me and apparently assumed the parents weren’t around. She then proceeded to place her hand on my son’s back and move him towards the entrance/exit.“

The Facebook note adds “seconds later she bent down to pick my son up but by that time I was more than half way to my son and scooped him from her hands.”

McDonnell says the lady quickly took off.

In its own statement on Facebook, Funhaven says “we learned about this incident in-house moments after it took place and filled out an internal incident report with the family.”

Funhaven says an Ottawa Police officer visited the facility to conduct the investigation, and “we were fully cooperative and provided him all the information we had available. “ Surveillance footage from Funhaven was offered to police for the investigation.

Funhaven adds “we deeply regret this incident occurred at Funhaven; our mission is quite obviously the opposite of the experience that this family experienced. We promote creating relationships and bringing families closer together, and all of our staff are committed to that goal.”

McDonnell says that “I am posting this story because no one, including myself thinks this will ever happen to them.” She adds “never take your eyes off your child for a second.”

McDonnell declined a request to speak with CTV Ottawa on Monday.