Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson says the city has applied to the Ontario Government for Disaster Recovery Assistance for those in the Constance Bay area affected by flooding.

“This is a program where residents can get some financial support from the provincial government. A state of emergency is not required to get that funding from the ministry.”

Several riverfront homes along Bayview Drive are deep in water. Stephen Wood spent the day trying to prevent flooding from reaching the main level of his home.

“Right now we’re about 12 inches to go before it hits the bottom of the floor and that’s when things get really critical, so right now we’re just trying to minimize that and buy ourselves some time.”

Ottawa Fire is on scene checking in on people living in the area. A white ribbon in front of the home means that emergency officials have been to that home.

Councilor Eli El-Chantiry say volunteers are needed up until dark, and again Sunday morning starting at 8a.m.

Ottawa Police are asking residents who are not in Constance Bay to assist with sandbagging or other necessities due to the flood to avoid the area.