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Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir among athletes inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame


Olympic skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are among a group of athletes and builders of sport who were honoured at Thursday's annual Order of Sport Awards.

The ceremony, held at the Museum of History in Gatineau, Que., saw the induction of the class of 2023 to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.

Nine athletes and two builders were honoured at the ceremony, including ice dancers Virtue and Moir.

“It’s such an incredible honour, I think we’re both a little bit lost for words," said Virtue.

“Representing Canada was the greatest privilege of our lives and it was never lost on us just how lucky we were to grow up in the Canadian sports system. To be a part of this esteemed group is quite surreal.”

Considered one of the greatest skating duos of all time, the two are the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history, with five medals to their name, including three gold medals.

“We had a really beautiful sports story, it’s filled with a lot of hard work," said Moir.

"This is a great look back at all of the people who were along side us and also our fellow hall-of-famers - it’s an amazing group."

From the ice, to the courts, fields and the octagon, the class of 2023 included Mixed-Martial Arts athlete, Georges St-Pierre.

“I’m honoured to be with this select group of athletes, it’s fantastic for me,” St-Pierre told CTV News Ottawa.

“The sport took a long time to be recognized as a legitimate sport. In the beginning, there was a lot of controversy – it took a long time. I’m glad it's happened now so maybe that will inspire other people - young kids.”

Leaders and trailblazers in a variety of sports were also recognized.

“We’re recognizing them for what they’re giving back to Canada and I think the importance of this is that all Canadians will see that they understand the give-back, the opportunity and how they continue to build community,” said Cheryl Bernard, president of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Winning the esteemed prize is no easy feat — over 300 athletes from all across the country are considered.

“It’s hard to get into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and it should be," says Bernard.

"The selection committee does a lot of work to choose a class each year, but we’re at 742 hall-of-famers being inducted in our last 67 years - so that really tells you how difficult it is."

All of the inductees were selected from over 222 public nominations and by a committee comprised of sports broadcasters, writers, academics and athletes.

“We’re grateful for what it represents, and we’re excited about the path it paves for generations to come,” said Virtue.



• - Phyllis Bomberry – ATHLETE, SOFTBALL



• - Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir – ATHELETE, FIGURE SKATING

• - The Ferbey Four – ATHLETE, CURLING

• - Hiroshi Nakamura – BUILDER, JUDO

• - Oren Lyons – BUILDER, LACROSSE


The ceremony also presented the 2023 Tom Longboat Awards recipients, Connor Church and Trina Ross Top Stories

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