OTTAWA -- Residents who have been living at an encampment near the Bayview Yards have been told to leave by Monday.

The National Capital Commission said in a news release Sunday that it had issued a written warning saying those who are camping must stop and that all tents must be removed.

“After today, the NCC or any peace officer may take the necessary steps to enforce this notice. In the unfortunate case that such action is required, any items removed from the site will be kept in storage for a period of 15 days,” the NCC said in the notice.

Citing its traffic and property regulations, the NCC said it is legally able to do this due to the fact that no one is allowed to camp or put up a structure like a tent on NCC property that hasn’t been specifically designated for that purpose.

The NCC went on to say social service staff will be able to help individuals move themselves and their belongings to temporary accommodations.  

The NCC says the decision comes out of concern for health and safety, cold temperatures and challenging access to the site in the event of an emergency, like a fire on Nov. 24. It says the city has confirmed that efforts are being made to offer residents temporary housing solutions.

This comes after verbal warnings from the NCC were issued on Nov. 29 saying residents had to leave by Dec. 2. The NCC then backtracked, saying it wanted to “provide our municipal and community partners the opportunity and time to find housing options.”