As the winter weather starts to arrive, there are growing concerns about slippery floors at LRT stations. 

“They’ve been really wet, like as if there was a flood or something, just super dangerous to me,” said Lory Icart.

Slips and falls on wet tiles have been reported at various stations including one patient who was taken to hospital with an ankle injury.

“Following customer feedback, recent improvements have been made to several stations, such as anti-slip mats and anti-slip coating to staircases. These should reduce the amount of slippery surfaces within the stations. We will continue to work with Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) to evaluate how we can keep transit stations safe,” said Michael Morgan, the director of the rail construction program.

In addition, employees were seen at different stations mopping up pooling water on the floor and staircases.

“I have good boots, I can’t see any problem,” said one rider leaving Parliament station.

“They seem fine to me,” added another rider.