The Municipality of Pontiac in west Quebec has issued a mandatory evacuation order for multiple areas and roads.

They include:

Plages (Access by Père-Dominicains)

  • Bord-de-l’eau
  • Vieille pompe
  • Vacanciers
  • Voilier
  • Phare
  • Allen
  • Sapinière
  • du Lac
  • des Plages

Plage Baie Noire

  • Mésanges
  • Tourterelles
  • Goélands
  • Grues
  • Mallards
  • Outardes
  • De la Baie, secteur riverain


  • Anne
  • John South of St-Patrick
  • Pointe-à-l’-indienne

Plage Charron

  • Rubis
  • Émeraude
  • Diamant
  • Saphir
  • Topaze
  • Ruisseau

Plage Carcajou

  • Trappeurs
  • Dion
  • Stanley


The municipality calls it the "worst flooding in the past 100 years." Residents of the affected areas are being asked to leave immediately. Firefighters will be on scene at 4:00 pm Saturday to help vulnerable residents.

The Red Cross will be posted at the Luskville Library. All details can be found here.