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Diane Deans (Incumbent)


  • Top Priority: Community safety is my top priority. My focus will be on building community resiliency and engaging residents through regular meetings and bi-annual forums. I am committed to expanding Neighbourhood Watch across the ward and to continue to advocate for a return to community policing. We also need to ensure that the police are properly resourced in order to effectively deal with street violence in our city and that we focus on investing in prevention measures in order to build positive paths to success for our youth.
  • Hidden gem in your ward: The hidden gem in Gloucester-Southgate Ward is the new state of the art Community Kitchen at the Albion-Heatherington Recreation Centre. This beautiful kitchen is the first of its kind in our city facilities and is a place where residents can come together to cook, enjoy delicious meals, and to learn more about the role food plays in our community. I was proud to deliver this project for Gloucester-Southgate Ward and I encourage everyone to check it out. 

Alex Golijanin


  • Top Priority: When it comes to crime, it has sky rocketed, guns & drugs are more easily available now than ever before & while it is a sensitive issue, crime disproportionately affects certain demographics more. As it stands, I do not believe leadership is capable of facilitating that dialogue. However sensitive a topic might be, when we approach it from a point of respect & tolerance, nobody will get offended & we can get ahead, with the examples being how mediation & counselling work.
  • Hidden gem in your ward: The hidden gem of Gloucester-Southgate has to be Athans Park. Whether you want to take your dog for a walk or enjoy the day, the park has a “national park”-vibe to it with the huge trees & is very clean. If you plan to check it out, make sure to bring mosquito repellent!

Perry Sabourin


  • Top Priority: Addressing the gun violence
  • Hidden gem in your ward:Shawarma Palace (although I’m not sure how hidden it is)

Sam Soucy


  • Top Priority: My top priority for this election is safety. Every municipality has a responsibility to make sure their citizens are safe. 
  • Hidden gem in your ward: I love having the greenbelt in Gloucester-Southgate. It's a slice of nature so close to the downtown, and it is hard to beat a walk along one of its many trails on a sunny day. 

Robert Swaita


  • Top Priority: To address 3 issues: Investment in our Youth, Reduce Crime, Improve our transportation
  • Hidden gem in your ward:Gloucester Southgate is one of the most diverse communities in Canada. This small Ottawa ward brings the entire world together. It is an inspiration on how we are all the same because we are all different. There are very few areas that can truly be proud of this diversity… and this is why we are the hidden gem of this great city.