OTTAWA -- Ottawa's fire chief has received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Chief Kim Ayotte tweeted out a picture of him receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine at a local pharmacy on Thursday.

"My advice ...take the first vaccine you are eligible for....and at the first opportunity," said Ayotte.

Last week, Board of Health Chair and Coun. Keith Egli received the COVID-19 vaccine at an Ottawa pharmacy.

"I urge my fellow eligible Ottawans to book their appointments and join me in fighting against COVID," said Egli on Twitter.

Ottawa Public Health and the city of Ottawa tell all Ottawa residents to get the first COVID-19 vaccine available to them, either at a mass vaccination clinic or a pharmacy.

"Many people will have, fortunately, different ways they can get it, and my advice would be get the first one that you can," said Dr. Brent Moloughney, Ottawa's associate medical officer of health.