OTTAWA -- OC Transpo operators will now have a mask to wear during their shift.

The Amalgamated Transit Union says the distribution of protective masks for all OC Transpo and Para Transpo operators began this weekend.

One reusable mask will be distributed to all OC Transpo operators immediately, while Para operators will receive surgical masks and face shields.

The ATU Local 279 tells CTV News Ottawa the plan going forward is to issue at least two reusable masks for all OC Transpo operators once the City of Ottawa receives a new shipment.

OC Transpo has implemented several policies to limit the spread of COVID-19 on the O-Train, buses and Para Transpo. Director of Transit Services Jim Greer outlined the initiatives in an email to CTV News Ottawa on April 22.

  • Only one Para Transpo passenger is transported at a time.
  • OC Transpo introduced rear-door boarding for customers on all conventional buses, except for those with accessibility or cooperative seating requirements
  • Closed the doors closest to operator cabs on the Confederation Line trains and installed tape to block the doors and area closest to the operator cab from the rest of the trains
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols for trains, buses, Para Transpo vehicles, stations and points of service