When fans arrive at the Canadian Tire Centre this fall, they can expect to see more than just their favourite team.

The National Hockey League has mandated that all arenas implement new security measures. The biggest change is that fans will now have to walk through metal detectors, much like those at airports, as they come into the building. There is also a strict no re-entry policy. Fans are banned from exiting and re-entering the arena with the same ticket.

President of Senators Sports and Entertainment Cyril Leeder says from a fan perspective and a safety point of view, these measures are necessary.

"We've had no serious threats or issues here," he says. "You are trying to find that balance between convenience and fan safety, but we think the magnetometers a step in the right direction."

The new policies follow similar rules established by Major League Baseball this year.

Smokers will also notice a change. There are still designated areas, but smokers can only smoke before or after a game. They'll no longer be allowed to go out between periods.

A few fans are upset about the new measures.

"I think the metal detectors are too much," says Tyler Kalbouche. " I dont tink it's necessary, nothings happens there really, I feel safe there everytime."

But other fans like Danica Fabien say it doesn't bother them.

"I get for security reasons, but does it really limit what you can bring to a concert?"

The new security measures will be in place for the Senators home opener on September 20th against the Toronto Maple Leafs.