OTTAWA -- A popular music festival in Quebec that has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic is now offering fans a virtual experience.

Calling it the "first of its kind worldwide," Montebello Rockfest says they have pieced together "thousands of hours of unreleased footage" to create a real time virtual experience that aims to mimic the Rockfest experience.

"It will be exactly as if you were there: the road trip to Montebello, your arrival at the campground, the party all over town, the music, the sunburns and the usual madness while shouting ROCKFEST!" a statement on the festival's website says.

The virtual experience will begin June 19 and will run non-stop until June 21.

The event isn't free. Ticket-buyers will each get a unique, non-shareable link to stream the virtual festival and weekend pass buyers will get $10 off next year's event.

"This will be our way of celebrating RF together this year, while also supporting the festival so we can come back stronger in 2021," Rockfest says.

Tickets go on sale Thursday at noon.