Ontario Provincial Police say a 47-year-old Ottawa woman has been given a ticket, not for speeding, but for driving too slowly on the 401.

Police say several people called, at around 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, to complain about a car going roughly 40 km/h on the 401 eastbound near Mallorytown. Callers said the car was in the fast lane, with its high beams on.

The speed limit in that area is 100 km/h, but the flow of traffic is often faster.

Police say they were able to find the car and made several “precarious” attempts to get the driver to pull over. They were eventually successful, after getting one cruiser in front of the slow-moving car and another behind it.

There were no collisions.

Police say the driver told them that she thought the speed limit was only 50 km/h.

The driver was given tickets for unnecessarily slow driving, failing to obey signs, and failing to surrender an insurance card.