OTTAWA -- An Ottawa city councillor whose home was vandalized says incidents of violence directed at women in public office "absolutely have to end."

Innes Ward Coun. Laura Dudas issued a statement on social media following a series of recent incidents targeting herself and other female politicians in Ottawa.

Someone threw a rock through the window of Dudas's Orleans home last week while she was inside. Dudas said she believes her home was targeted.

Ottawa Police are also investigating an incident at the constituency office of Ottawa Centre MP and cabinet minister Catherine McKenna.  Nepean MPP and cabinet minister Lisa MacLeod is receiving police protection following "threatening emails" and an "unexplained mischievous incident" involving her vehicle in Ottawa last week. 

In a post on Twitter about the incident at her home, Dudas said, "While I cannot speak to the motivations of the person behind this disturbing act, it comes as the latest in a string of acts targeting my role as a woman in politics. There are too many reports of women politicians being the recipients of vicious online abuse, derogatory comments about their gender, and when online vitriol spills into the real world, violent physical attacks."

"This has to stop."

Dudas added "no one enters politics, or any job, willingly trading it for their safety or the safety of their families."

The Innes Ward Councillor says she will continue to serve her community.

"Acts such as the rock thrown through my living room window, the hateful attack on Minister Catherine McKenna's constituency office, and the threats made toward Minister Lisa MacLeod, as well as the other reported and unreported incidents of violence directed at women in public office absolutely have to end."

Meantime, Ontario Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Lisa MacLeod is now receiving police protection after speaking on Newstalk 580 CFRA earlier this week about harassment faced by female politicians, including McKenna.

"Following an interview with CFRA on harassment faced by female politicians, Minister MacLeod will once again receive police protection due to threatening emails and an unexplained mischievous incident to her personal vehicle in Ottawa," said a statement from a MacLeod spokesperson to CTV News Ottawa.

"We continue to condemn threats and verbal harassment against politicians, and want to thank the Ontario Provincial Police and Ottawa Police Service for their ongoing measures to ensure her safety."

Last summer, a woman pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and uttering threats for incidents targeting MacLeod.

Ottawa Police told CTV News Ottawa on Monday they are investigating an incident at the local constituency office of McKenna on Aug. 6.

A video surfaced on social media over the weekend of a man recording himself visiting the office and being told it was closed due to COVID-19. The man on the video then proceeded to yell obscenities at the office staffer before walking away.

"Unfortunately, it is not a one-off or an isolated occurrence," said McKenna in a statement to CTV News Ottawa.

"My family, my staff and I deal with abusive behaviour on a regular basis. This is unacceptable and I am committed to working across party lines to make it stop. It is also the kind of behaviour that discourages women from entering politics."