OTTAWA -- The COVID-19 outbreak has been declared over at the City of Ottawa run Peter D. Clark long-term care home.

The end of the outbreak means regular activities can resume for families and residents, including visits.

In a memo to Council, Director of Long-Term Care Dean Lett says Ottawa Public Health has lifted the COVID-19 outbreak because there have been no new resident or staff cases in 14 days.

"We are looking forward to gradually returning to our regular activities in the home for residents and families, and there will be a phased transition as we move out of outbreak," said Lett.

According to Ottawa Public Health, one staff member had tested positive for COVID-19 at Peter D. Clark home.

Meantime, another staff member at Centre d'accueil Champlain has tested positive for COVID-19. It's the seventh case of COVID-19 among staff members at the home since an outbreak was declared on Sept. 11.

No residents have tested positive for COVID-19.

The City of Ottawa run Garry J. Armstrong home is also listed on COVID-19 outbreak status. Two staff members have tested positive for COVID-19.