OTTAWA -- An eighth train will be in service on the Confederation Line on Wednesday, as Rideau Transit Group continues to look into the issue of cracked wheels.

In a memo to Council, Transportation Services General Manager John Manconi said RTG has “established a routine for wheel inspections” that allows them to increase the vehicle count to eight trains plus a spare.

Trains will run every seven minutes throughout the day, and on weekends.

Earlier this month, the fleet of trains on the ten month-old system was reduced after cracks were discovered on a steel wheel of a train.  As a precaution, a fleet-wide inspection was conducted and cracks were discovered on other wheels.

In a memo to Council on July 4, Manconi said a safety order had been issued that until the “root cause and fixes” are implemented; all vehicles are to be inspected after each use.

The Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into the cracked wheels.