Ottawa’s mayor says he wants to freeze OC Transpo fares as public pressure to do so reach a boiling point.

The City is facing immense backlash with ongoing LRT woes including another noticeable one Friday.

“Recommendation is that we freeze transit fares for January, February, March until we’re satisfied that the company we’ve hired to provide the rail service is living up to its end of the bargain,” said Mayor Jim Watson.

Watson calls the three-month freeze starting in 2020 “reasonable,” adding riders have had too many difficult trips over the last month.

In a note to the City Manager, Watson writes “Following the Transit Commission meeting on Wednesday, the need for a temporary fare freeze has become obvious, in order to offer short-term relief for our OC Transpo customers.”

According to Watson, the cost of the freeze will be covered by funds withheld from maintenance payments to the Rideau Transit Group. RTG is the consortium responsible for building phase one of the new LRT system.

An adult single-ride fare is $3.55.