First it was record breaking snow, now record breaking cold is gripping the capital.

Ottawa residents are waking up to the coldest November 13 in the city’s history.

The temperature dropped to -14.1C at 3 a.m. The overnight temperature broke the previous record for coldest November 13 of -11.5C, set back in 1986.

With the wind chill, it feels like -25C.

The temperature dipped to -13.7C on Tuesday night, setting a record for coldest November 12 in Ottawa history. The previous record was -9.4C, set back in 1975.

Ottawa Public Health is urging residents to bundle up and protect themselves from the cold temperatures.  The agency says “exposure to cold like this is very dangerous”, and reminded people to wear three layers of clothing: wicking layer, warm layer and waterproof layer. You are also reminded to cover exposed skin to prevent frostbite.

On Monday, Ottawa received 9.4 cm of snow, setting a record for greatest snowfall on November 11.