OTTAWA - The rules for booking short-term rental accommodation in Ottawa will change drastically if local politicians follow through on an Airbnb crackdown.

A report before the city’s Community and Protective Services Committee recommends Airbnb rentals be limited to hosts who own primary residences.

Reaction from hosts who have invested in income properties say the new rules are too restrictive.

Airbnb Canada also made its case before committee today.

“Our concern is the very restrictive nature of who can homeshare going forward and who cannot,” said Alex Dagg, the director of public policy for Airbnb Canada. “We think they’re going to cause harm for a number of Ottawa families.”

George Mota is an Airbnb host and says preventing people from renting out income properties is the wrong approach.

“I’ll be able to offer less choice for potential tenants who want to rent some of our units.”

The Ottawa Gatineau Hotel Association spoke in favour of the proposed changes. So too did a number of concerned residents.

There's also concern from residents who have complained about loud parties and violent incidents in short-term rentals.

One such incident took place in Nepean on Benson Street in which two people suffered injuries in an early morning shooting last month.

There are also recommendations calling for a registration system, fines of up to $1000 a day, and more money for bylaw to enforce the new regime.

Full council still needs to vote on the issue.