Some people call today, the day before Valentine’s Day, Mistress Day. It’s apparently the day that cheaters take out the “other” woman.

This week, a dating site for married people, said Ottawa had more members per capita on its site than any other Canadian city.

The statistics are no surprise to John Sullivan of Triangle Investigations.

His firm checks-out 500 unfaithful spouses a year in Ottawa.

“I'm positive that they are right.” Sullivan says, "Volume wise, per capita, we get more work here than any other city in North America.”

Sullivan has been busting betrayals for 31 years.

He thinks the numbers in Ottawa are high because, he says, people who make a lot of money are more likely to cheat..

"I've seen this time and time and time again. As soon as a guy gets reasonably successful he has an affair.”

And it's not just the men who are cheating. According to Ashley Madison, Ottawa has the highest rate of female members on its website, 36% percent, compared to the national average, 33%.

Ashley Madison has dubbed Ottawa the cheating capital before. One has to wonder if it's just a promotional ploy before Valentine’s Day.

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