A Mississippi Mills Councillor was killed and his daughter injured in a shooting incident in Almonte Thursday morning.

Late Thursday afternoon the man believed to be the alleged shooter also succumbed to his injuries. 

Councillor Bernard Cameron is dead, his daughter suffered critical injuries, Mayor Shaun McLauglin said in a statement.   

Earlier OPP confirmed the death of one man, and said another man and a woman had been  taken to hospital with "serious, life-threatening injuries."  Just before 6 o'clock pm, the second man was also confirmed dead.

First responders were called to a residence on Strathburn Street in Almonte around 7:30 a.m. Thursday.

OPP confirm there is no risk to the public and they are not searching for suspects.

Here is the statement issued by Mississippi Mills Mayor Shaun McLaughlin:

"It is with profound sorrow and shock that I confirm that my colleague and friend, councilor Bernard Cameron, died today in a violent incident, an incident that also gravely injured his daughter.

At this point, I leave the exact details to the police.

This tragedy hits us all. We still live in a small town. Bernard is part of our extended family.

For his immediate family, I know the sad events of today will bear down the hardest. I and Bernard’s other friends on council, as well as town staff, extend our prayers to them. We share their grief. We mourn the loss.

Bernard Cameron has been a popular figure in Almonte for decades. As a former high school teacher, he was known to generations of students. As a volunteer, he added value and experience to many community organizations. As a counsilor, he has supported his ward and his town through thoughtful discussion, keen insight and high ethical standards. He will be sorely missed."