Wendell the wayward wallaby has been found dead in a cornfield just two kilometres from the farm he disappeared from two weeks ago.

"Every child has lost a dog, or lost a pet. I've never lost anything, so I'm having a real tough time dealing with it," said Carla Saunders, one of the wallaby's caregivers.

Wendell, a kangaroo-like animal, went missing from his pen near Kemptville, Ont. after a winter storm knocked down fencing at Saunders Country Critters and Garden Centre in late October.

One kangaroo and four wallabies escaped after the storm swept through the region. All were found soon after escaping except for Wendell, a Bennett wallaby who was born at the centre three years ago.

Since Wendell's disappearance, there have been several reports of a wallaby spotted hopping in various parts of eastern Ontario, including Ottawa, Smiths Falls and Athens.

"He may have made that trip all the way around and may have been on his way home, for all we know," said zoo owner Gary Saunders.

Wendell's caregivers had offered a $1,000 reward for the animal's safe return. Now, they're waiting for an autopsy to find out whether he died of natural causes or was killed.

"It's a sad ending, but it's over," said Gary.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Catherine Lathem