Ottawa police have located an elderly man who was reported missing Friday.

Alan Rayburn, 81, was found by Ottawa police and paramedics near a fence in a wooded area in Ottawa’s west end Sunday afternoon.

Rayburn, a long-time Ottawa resident, was reported missing Friday morning. Police began their search after the man failed to return home from a walk.  

Neighbors said Rayburn was routinely seen walking around his Crystal Beach neighborhood.

“He’s well-known among everybody. Everyone sees him go out for his morning walks. He’s in great physical shape,” said Paul Brown, one of Rayburn’s neighbors.

The round the clock search and rescue mission required officials to search through heavily-wooded areas, and ditches near the elderly man’s house.  Police had set up a command centre in Andrew Haydon Park and brought in a police helicopter Sunday to help with the search.  

Duty Inspector John Medeiros said Rayburn was slightly confused when he was found Sunday, but was in good health. Medeiros called it a “best possible scenario.”

“He was conscious when we located him and somewhat dehydrated,” Medeiros told CTV News.

Rayburn was taken to hospital for observation, though police said he was responsive to questions and appeared to be in good condition.

Police estimate approximately 75 people, including volunteers, search and rescue teams, Ottawa and Ontario Provincial Police and paramedics, took part in the search.

Rayburn has been reunited with his family.