Ottawa police say an infant was left in a vehicle outside a Home Depot store in Ottawa's east end on Saturday because of a miscommunication.

Police say the baby's parents left their three children with a caregiver. The parents went into the store, but the infant was unknowingly left in the van.

Police say they won't lay criminal charges because the child's parents did not intentionally leave him in the car.

"All incidents reported to Ottawa police involving children are taken very seriously and investigated fully," Staff Sgt. Gina Rosa said in a news release.

Ottawa police had to break a window to get the infant out of the vehicle on Saturday. Witnesses said the child's parents ran frantically out of the store when they saw what was happening. The baby was not hurt.

The Children's Aid Society has conducted their own investigation into the case, and has determined there are no grounds to remove the infant from his parents' care. The CAS will monitor the family over the next few weeks.