OTTAWA -- Ottawa residents will be treated to a warm spring, after a cold and snowy February during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Environment Canada's three month temperature forecast predicts above seasonal temperatures in Ottawa, eastern Ontario and western Quebec this spring.

Snow and rainfall levels are expected to be "normal" for the region through March, April and May.  

According to the meteorological calendar, spring starts on March 1 and ends on May 31.

Ottawa weather

AccuWeather's spring forecast predicts above normal rain and snowfall for Ottawa, eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

"There is an average risk for severe flooding across Ontario and Quebec this spring due to the high frequency of storms that are expected to impact the region," AccuWeather said on its website. "However, the flooding risk may not emerge until later in the spring, since the winter was drier than normal."

Environment Canada's forecast calls for a high of 5C in Ottawa on Sunday, followed by a high of 2C on Monday. 

While the weather may feel like spring, Environment Canada's top weather forecaster says don't put away the snow shovels just yet.

Speaking on CTV Morning Live on Feb. 18, Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips said 30 per cent of the annual snowfall comes after mid-February.

"Don't write the obituary on winter just yet," Phillips said, adding the models show temperatures will be warmer than normal in Ottawa this spring. 

Last year, Ottawa received 13 cm of snow in March, 6.4 cm of snow in April and 0.4 cm in May.  There was 13 cm of snow in April 2019. 

Ottawa has received 74.4 centimetres of snow in February, including 19.6 centimetres on Feb. 16 and 13.4 cm on Feb. 24.