OTTAWA -- Metro, the parent company of Food Basics, confirms an employee of its Heron Road store has tested positive for COVID-19.

In an email to CTV News Ottawa, spokesperson Stephanie Bonk said the employee was last in the store July 26.

"We were notified July 30 that an employee who was last at our Food Basics store (1670 Heron Rd.) on July 26 was diagnosed with COVID-19. We have been in contact with the individual to make sure they are OK, that they are isolating and getting proper medical attention," Bonk said.

No other details about the employee were disclosed.

Metro lists all positive COVID-19 cases at its stores in Ontario and Quebec on its website. There were 17 cases of COVID-19 in Metro employees in Ontario in July, though only one in Ottawa. Most were in Etobicoke.

Bonk said the store was cleaned June 30, when the positive test result came in.

"All surfaces that the infected person may have been in contact with were immediately cleaned as well as common areas, equipment that may have been used," Bonk said. "This is in addition to the regular wiping down of high-touch areas within the store throughout the day. All employees onsite were informed in person during their shift and employees who were not onsite were called with the news. Additionally on July 30, the store was given a thorough and complete cleaning and sanitization after hours by an external cleaning company."

The store remains open.