OTTAWA -- A Metcalfe woman is attempting to win an online competition to try and save her fitness business and cover lost revenue during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Fitness instructor Jessica Goodhue owns J-Glow Fitness in Metcalfe and Kemptville, offering fitness classes and events such as glow in the dark workouts, dodgeball and birthday parties.

Those events made up almost 50 per cent of her revenue.

“Events had to be obviously stopped completely and we still haven’t been able to get those back, or people in for their parties that they’ve already booked with us, which is really sad,” Goodhue said.

With most in-person classes cancelled as well over the better part of 11 months, it’s crippled her business.

“It was just sent to me on a whim by somebody to apply because it was the exact amount I had lost during COVID from the beginning,” said Goodhue.

Jessica Goodhue

The contest is called ‘Miss Jetset’, with the winner gracing the cover of the lifestyle magazine Jetset, and also receiving a $50,000 grand prize.

“I laughed it off and then I was like, um, might as well try and see what I can do and keep it on the down low,” Goodhue said.

She entered in December, and quickly rose to first place through the first four rounds amongst thousands of entries.

Now she is in the quarter-finals, up against some tough competition.

“I’m up against someone who is an actress and influencer in L.A. Right now as the number one spot,” Goodhue said.

Goodhue says the support she has received over the past months has been amazing.

“I cried more than once, that’s for sure,” Goodhue said. “They (friends and members) have definitely been supportive through all of this and sharing and helping and really just trying to keep me in it even if this doesn’t work. They are really, really supportive and they’ll find a way with me if nothing else.”

Jessica Goodhue

Her parents are also proud of her for pushing through this tough time.

“It’s very uplifting. She’s a very determined girl,” said her father Bruce.

“I’m just really proud of what she’s doing, what’s she accomplished and trying to keep her business going," Bruce said. "Just hope she does well.” 

While Goodhue says it’s been a tough road through the pandemic, she is trying to stay positive.

“It is hard. I definitely think that if I can be positive through this and I’m showing that to my members and they are going through things then it’ll help them get through as well.”

Voting is free with the quarter-final round closing on Thursday, Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. EST.

The voting system resets every 24 hours, so votes can be cast daily. Extra votes can be purchased to benefit the B+ Foundation for children with cancer.

Goodhue’s entry page can be found here.