OTTAWA -- Ottawa residents return to work and school today after a weekend of record rain and snowfall.

Three weather records were set in Ottawa over the weekend as a major storm moved across Ontario. 

On Saturday, 38.9 mm of rain fell at the Ottawa Airport, breaking the record for greatest rainfall on January 11 in Ottawa history.  The previous record was 12.2 mm set back in 1980.

A total of 43.1 mm of precipitation (rain, freezing rain and snow) fell on Saturday, setting the record for greatest precipitation on January 12. The old record was 12.2 mm set back in 1980.  

The 12 cm of snow that fell on Sunday set a record for greatest snowfall on January 12 in Ottawa history. The previous record was 11.6 cm set in 1991.

City of Ottawa crews spent the weekend clearing roadways and sidewalks in time for the start of the new work week.

 The National Capital Commission says several cross-country ski trails remain closed today after the weekend rain and snowfall. You are encouraged to check which trails and parking lots are open before heading out to the park.