A memorial concert is taking place Sunday to honour Tyler Hay, a local musician who died last month of a fatal overdose.

Alec Curren played in the metal core band Southpaw with Hay. “It’s all for Tyler…100%... all the money is going to his father, we are all here in his honour,” he says.

The concert is taking place at the Bronson Centre and will include various bands with member who knew Hay personally.

Organizer and musician James Reid says the support from the city has been overwhelming, “Anybody I reached out to- nobody said ‘no’ to me, once I told them the situation they just said ‘what do you need- I’ll do it.’”

Reid says the concert is also a way to educated about the dangers of drug use.

“What’s gone on with Tyler is not a new story. It’s a very real problem and it's happening all over Canada.”

Officials from Ottawa Inner City Health will be there to distribute naloxone (Narcan) kits and teach people how to use them.

“We deal with the opioid crisis on a daily basis,” says Alex Brownlee from Ottawa Inner City Health.

Brownlee says it’s important for them to be there to bring “some educational aspects and awareness, as well as Narcan kits and doing Narcan training so we can prevent another accidental overdose.

“It’s important for us to be here to continue to spread the word and bring awareness,” Brownlee says.   

“Stigma kills, that’s one thing we want to put out there. If you are a recreational user or a habitual user, it’s better to know than not know. Let your friends, peers and family know. We need to look at each other as human beings.”

Inner City Health says they will also educate on how to spot an overdose.

 “Your friends passing on the couch is not something to laugh at anymore. Always make sure that you check up on your friends. It’s better for them to wake up angry than not wake up at all,” Brownlee says.

GoFundMe page has also been set up support Hay’s family.