OTTAWA -- It seems as though Ottawa city streets have gone to the dogs.

‘Sir George’ the St. Bernard has become a bit of an Internet sensation, as he and his owner travel around town to pass out both summer and good vibes, to anyone who needs it.

There’s nothing ruff about the dog days of summer for Sir George. During his daily cruise, his head, compete with protective ‘doggles’, is popped out of the sunroof to catch a breeze, and people’s attention.

His owner Ken Longchamps is behind the wheel with his window down, catching the sounds of laughter from others driving by.

“It gives people something to smile about. I find it hilarious,” says Longchamps. “It puts a smile on my face … Everybody loves Sir George.”

It’s the reason Longchamps, an army veteran, does it. Sir George is his pandemic puppy. The two began their friendship at the onset of the pandemic, and bonded through the dark times of isolation. He admits that Sir George, helps him cope with his own mental health struggles and, in turn, others as well.

“Everybody’s been locked in,” says Longchamps. “Our mission is plain and simple: put a smile on as many faces as we possibly can.”

And it seems to work every time, according to Tracey Welch, who spotted the stylish, Sir George as he rolled into a Tim Hortons on Innes Road in Ottawa’s east end. 

“I’m sitting here and I can’t stop looking here and laughing. They just made my day,” says Welch, who much to her surprise noticed there were two St. Bernards in the car.

The other is 11-year-old Manddee, who prefers to keep out of the limelight, but still enjoys pats when people approach the car.

And while Manddee is more elusive, Sir George has been burning up social media with paw-sitivity.

Really, how can you not post a pic of a 180-pound dog, acting as cool as a cat, driving a in car with shades?

Longchamps says he’s seen his celebrity pup on TikTok, Instagram and there is even a Facebook page dedicated for those who spot him.

“I call it my mobile puppy therapy. It’s worked for me and hopefully it’s working for other people.” ” says Longchamps. “I’ve got no reason to stop. We’ll continue putting smiles on faces as we travel around the city.”

For anyone, who dog-gone needs it.