Atlético Ottawa is competing for the top spots in the Canadian Premier League this year, just one season after finishing in last place, and a star teammate is helping to get them to the top.

Canadian forward Ballou Tabla is a someone to watch.

“We want to get the three points,” said Tabla, as the team prepares for an upcoming match against FC Edmonton.

It’s Tabla’s first season with the club after spending time with FC Montreal and in Barcelona.

The 23-year-old represented Canada in a number of tournaments, including the 2015 U17 championship.

“I’m happy with the club I’m happy with my teammates,” he said.

“A player like Tabla, he’s one of the reasons why football is called the beautiful game,” said Thomas Stockting, a member of the Capital City Supporters Group. “What he can do with the ball with his feet is immense.”

So far this season, Tabla has played 18 matches including a Canadian championship, has three goals, three assists and has played more than 1,300 minutes.

“Any time you get a chance to play with the amount of Talent Ballou has … what an opportunity,” said teammate and Atlético midfielder Carl Haworth. “Once he has a couple more goals to his game I think he’s going to be unbelievable.”

His presence is already making a difference on the pitch.

“Ballou is a great guy he’s working so hard to get into his better performance. I think he’s given us a lot of things not only in the attack also on the defence,” said coach Carlos Gonzalez.

Tabla’s play on the pitch has reignited a soccer frenzy in the nation’s capital. With at least three years in his contract, fans are eager to see how far this team will go.

“We have a great fan base they make us proud, we have to make our fans proud,” he said.