He is currently Canada’s longest serving Premier and one of the longest serving MPPs in Ontario history. Dalton McGuinty is leaving office in the New Year, some say chased out over the same issues that saw the end of the Ernie Eves government and McGuinty’s first majority nearly 10 years ago.

His government is at war with Ontario teachers, the province is facing a mounting deficit and spiralling debt, he prorogued the legislature in an anti-democratic move his opponents say was motivated by fear of public scrutiny. 

His message to teachers unions is "if they don't like Bill 115, take it to court...leave the kids out of it." McGuinty tells CTV Ottawa’s Graham Richardson in an exclusive interview that his government has done more for teachers than any other. He also pointed out the fact they have reached agreement with 55,000 Ontario Catholic teachers.

McGuinty’s governments also cancelled two massive gas plants at a huge cost. Critics called it a crass political move to save seats.

Many say these problems are of McGuinty’s own making – his opponents paint a picture of a man who has been in office too long, who has lost his way and grown arrogant with power.

All of this hangs over the Premier of Ontario as he sits down with CTV Ottawa’s chief anchor for a final one-on-one interview.

Despite it all, McGuinty maintains his almost boy-scout like approach to running the province: he’s doing the right thing at the right time for Ontario. Investments in health care and education are paying off.  The fight with teachers comes after nearly a decade of labour peace in schools.  Full day kindergarten is being implemented. And despite a ravaged manufacturing sector—McGuinty says Ontario has regained lost jobs since the 2008 recession, and is in a better position to balance it’s books before the federal government.

McGuinty will move back to Ottawa full time. Split his time between Ottawa and Toronto but he says the capital will always be "home base."

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