OTTAWA -- Customers will no longer be able to walk into a McDonald’s location for take-out in Ottawa and across Canada.

Starting Sunday, McDonald’s Canada is no longer offering take-out service, and has closed the dining rooms at all restaurants due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Drive-thru and McDelivery service will still be available for those looking for McDonald's for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In a message to customers, McDonald’s said “select restaurants may continue to offer take-out service in communities where there are specific needs, including locations near hospitals and health care facilities.”

Late Friday, Starbucks announced it was closing most of its cafes across Canada. Service will only be available through delivery and drive-thrus for the next two weeks.

“Some exceptions will be made for café’s serving in or around hospitals in our efforts to serve thousands of first responders and health care workers who are on the front line,” said Lori Digulla, Starbucks Canada President.