Mayor Jim Watson expressed new frustrations on Friday with the performance of the city's new LRT system following more delays on the Confederation Line.

"To say I am furious with the poor performance of our LRT system is an understatement," Watson tweeted Friday morning. "Both RTG and RTM will be held to account for the problems that have frustrated our very patient transit users."

The mayor added he's meeting with the city's leadership team Friday morning "and will provide the public later today with a plan to fix the system on a short and longer term basis."

"In the meantime, I apologize for the awful experience so many residents have experienced over the last few weeks."

The mayor's comments come door issue and a switch problem on the Confederation LRT line caused delays for some commuters to begin the morning rush hour Friday.

A door issue at Lees Station caused trains to be delayed by about 20 minutes. Farther east, a switch problem led some trains to bypass Cyrville station.

Many buses went straight to St. Laurent Station instead of Blair Station to get around the issue, causing crowds at St. Laurent.

At the west end of the line, 200-series buses serving Tunney's Pasture also continued to the downtown core to mitigate the delays.

OC Transpo said at 7:30 a.m. that regular service had been restored to all stations, but to expect longer travel times.

The problems were just the latest in a string of delays for the new system in the past few weeks.