Eric Leblanc wants to help you build the motorcycle of your dreams. Eric is the manager of Maximum Motorcycles. The Summerstown, Ontario based company designs custom frames and accessories for the chopper industry. Maximum has gained industry-wide respect for its innovative and high quality products which are shipped to markets across the world. A professional on-site airbrush painting service is offered through artist Tim "Toonz" Feher. Maximum also does numerous creative collaborative motorcycle projects with Lee Batchoun of Lee's Bike Shop and American Cycle Service in nearby Alexandria.

Maximum Motorcycles: Eric "Chops" Leblanc (613) 931-9452.

Toonz Airbrushing: Tim "Toonz" Feher (613) 363-3945

Lee's Bike Shop and American Cycle Service: Lee Batchoun (613) 525-0066