GPS devices have become standard equipment for many of us to find our way. Well, how about using GPS to help you find a love connection? Using GPS, you can browse available singles who are near you, and then meet them for a date.

A decade ago, the movie You've Got Mail showed a couple getting to know each other via e-mail. Now that seems as dated as vinyl records.

Fast-forward to an afternoon at a New York farmer's market. 32-year old Amy Chandra is looking for love using the full reach of global-positioning satellites!

Says Amy Chandra, "What's really innovative about it is it makes dating life part of your real life, and it makes you connect to people on a more instant basis."

It's called mobile dating. Using GPS technology, it gives users the ability to pinpoint roving Romeos anywhere anytime.

Or in Brian Gentleman's case, his Juliet.

"It helped me find her, from the phone to my heart."

He was having coffee. She was on her lunch break. Perfect strangers, who'd both signed up for an application called Skout. When they logged on, they got a list of nearby singles, along with photos.

Aisha Ballie says, "He had a great tan, a gorgeous smile on his profile pic, and I was immediately attracted."

Turns out they were two floors away from each other in the same mall. After some IM time, they met offline and they've been together eight months.

Amy Chandra is trying out the newest mobile dating app called Urban Signals.

Her first time logging in, about a dozen men came up on a radar screen, all within a 10-block radius.

If he weren't cute, she'd have the option to ignore his online overtures. Most mobile dating apps don't give precision locations for privacy reasons.

There's always a chance for unwanted flirtation, but if you're lucky and logged on, also the chance for true romance.