OTTAWA - An Ottawa waste company that dumped hundreds of used toilets in a former quarry has been fined $125,000.

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment says an investigation showed Lacombe Waste Services was contracted to remove used toilets from a local hospital in a retrofit project.

The ministry says the company dumped two loads of approximately 500 used toilets in plastic bags between November 3, 2011 and March 15, 2012 on a property that was not an approved waste disposal site.

Ministry spokeswoman Kate Jordan says the company needed to take them to a waste disposal site to be properly managed because they contained rubber, plastic seats, handles and other materials.

The ministry says a separate investigation found that Lacombe had also failed to properly decontaminate tankers used to transport various liquid wastes.

The company left a load of wastewater to be contaminated by industrial fuels and oils and the ministry requires tankers to be properly cleaned when hauling different types of waste.