A massive police raid against marijuana grow operations seven locations across eastern Ontario and Toronto Tuesday left eight people facing organized crime charges.

An estimated $11.7 million worth of drugs were seized by the Ontario Provincial Police, RCMP, and Belleville and Toronto police.

The investigation began this spring after suspicious property transactions were reported in Belleville.

The raided eastern Ontario locations were mostly near Bancroft:

  • 743 McDonald Mine Rd., Hastings Highlands (Nearly 4,000 marijuana plants, 1000 light bulbs, fans, tarps, ballasts, and shields)
  • 781 New Carlow Rd., Carlow Mayo Township (4,360 plants, pumps, and generators)
  • 1623 Madwawaska Road, Hastings Highlands (3,400 plants, generators, and ATVs)
  • 33616 King's Highway 28, Carlow Mayo Township
  • 1101 Armstrong Rd., Sharbot Lake

An earlier series of raids in June led to drug and paraphernalia seizures in Belleville, Brighton, and Toronto.

Those charged this week with participation in a criminal organization are:

  • Ying (Tina) Huang, 35, Toronto
  • Jian Cheng (John) Huang, 35, Toronto
  • Xin Ci Wang, 39, Toronto
  • Fen Xing Chen, 51, Carlow Mayo Township
  • Qui Fang Lin, 31, Scarborough
  • Yuan Tai Zhang, 35, Scarborough
  • Fang Chen, 34
  • an unidentified adult male

Barrhaven bust uncovers basement grow-op

Meanwhile, Ottawa police seized $803,000 worth of marijuana from a basement grow-op inside a Barrhaven home on Tuesday.

Two people were arrested during the raid on the 100 block of Len Lunney Crescent. About 800 four-feet-tall plants were discovered.

Thi Chuc Nguyen, 43, and Alex Nguyen, 23 were each charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, producing a banned substance, and electricity theft.

The pair will appear in court on Sept. 30.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Stefan Keyes ...