Marc Leduc made his first court appearance after being charged with the murders of Pamela Kosmack and Leanne Lawson.

Leduc, 56, stood before the judge with his arms crossed. He was wearing a blue and gray sweater, glasses and a full white beard.

The crown told the court that Leduc was in fact deaf and can only communicate with the help of a hearing aid and by reading lips.

It was this discussion that Leduc to say only a few words.

"Can you hear me, Mr. Leduc?" the judge asked.

"Yeah," replied Leduc.

"What is your name?" the judge asked.

"Marc Leduc," answered Leduc.

Murder suspect appears in court

Pamela Kosmack's body was found near a West-end bike path on June 4th, 2008.

Leanne Lawson was discovered in Lowertown on September 2, 2011.

Leduc was already in custody for a sexual assault case in early November, last year.

Police say DNA evidence helped link Leduc to the unsolved murder cases.

Family members of Pamela Kosmack did appear in court as well.

Geoff Empey was Kosmack's common-law partner for seven years. He is also the father to Kosmack's daughter, Anona.

"I expected a big monster guy you know. I didn't expect him to be a, he didn't really look that fearful there. I just didn't want to look into his eyes and see his face," says Empey.

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