A large annual paintball game could have gone horribly wrong, after a participant allegedly used marbles in their paintball gun.

Commando paintball had close to 1,000 people come out to their Tippman Challenge out on Dunning Road this weekend, when they were notified someone had been injured.

They discovered marbles on the ground.

Co-owner Marie Longtin said this has never happened to them before and their heads are spinning,

"The 'what-ifs' are just astounding. Like, what if it had caught somebody in the neck. And why would somebody do something so stupid?" she explained. "As soon as we found out this was going on we had to hault the game. Cease-fire."

The injury was minor, just a hit to the upper body.

"Legally when someone uses a paintball marker to actually commit a crime it's assault with a weapon. I'm not a lawyer, or a police officer, but we do know in our business if they use a paintball marker to commit a crime, it's a weapon, and they can be charged as such."

Longtin said they are investigating and will be increasing security during larger events.

"We have so much to do but our focus has been determining who this player is - just to send a message that this will not be tolerated ever."

The company is offering a $1,500 reward to anyone who can provide information on this player.

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